Elite Gold Pineapple Plant

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Elite Gold Pineapples are a must-have for anyone who wishes to add edible plants to their landscape. Beginners and experts alike love easy to grow, sweet, juicy, Elite Gold Pineapples. These sturdy plants can be grown in the ground in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9 to 11, or in pots in Zones 4 to 11. The graceful, deep green, fountain-like plants grow to three feet tall and three to four feet wide and can produce fruit as soon as one year. The large, tangy, Elite Gold Pineapple is also a commercial favorite, so if you have had a Gold Pineapple from the supermarket, it is likely that you have tasted this amazing variety.

Pineapple plants grow a central core from which new leaves spiral outward until the plant blooms and a single pineapple emerges on an elevated stalk. Watching these tropical treasures grow and produce fruit is one of gardening’s most exciting events. Additional suckers will also grow from the plant bases, giving you an endless crop. Plant several Elite Gold Pineapples in a group to create a lush bed of this remarkable delicacy, and experience the thrill of growing your own delicious Pineapples at home.

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Elite Gold Pineapple Plant Care

Elite Gold Pineapple Plants are very compact when compard to other types of fruit trees and edible plants. Mature Pineapple Plants grow to three feet tall and about as wide. However, the arching leaves and central plant cores perform well even in close proximity to each other. There is no need to space Elite Gold Pineapple Plants ten to twelve feet apart like fruit trees or even berry plants. Two to three feet between Elite Gold Pineapple Plants will provide plenty of room for the plants to not only grow, but to multiply as well.

Elite Gold Pineapple Plants can survive cold down to 30ºF, but temperatures below 60ºF can slow growth and fruit production dramatically. Move potted Pineapples inside to a sunny window for the winter. Choose a planting location that is in six or more hours of direct sun per day. Pineapple Plants collect water in their cone-shaped centers and do not need frequent ground watering. Never let the ground remain saturated, and sandy, somewhat dry soil is better for Pineapples than is constantly damp soil. Trim off leaves that are ¾ or more brown or dead using a sharp, sterilized knife. Elite Gold Pineapple leaves have a serrated edge, so use gloves and long sleeves when trimming the plants.

Harvesting and Uses

One of the most exciting sights for the edible landscape grower is seeing a new spring or summer bloom emerge on their Elite Gold Pineapple Plant. But don’t set the table just yet. The fruit is a compound arrangement of many berries that form after the initial flowers fall away. The process takes five months to produce a finished, ripe pineapple. The fruit is ready to pick when it is gold on all sides. Sterilize a sharp, sturdy knife with rubbing alcohol, and cut the pineapple from its stem one inch below the bottom of the fruit. Leaving the remaining stem will let the same plant bloom once or twice more.

The recipes for pineapples are nearly endless. The fresh fruit is eaten alone, added to fruit salads, blended into smoothies, and used in baked dishes such as pineapple cobbler and the famous pineapple upside-down cake. A harvested Elite Gold Pineapple can be kept in a cool place for several days, and peeled, sliced pineaple can be refrigerated in airtight containers for up to a week. Elite Gold Pineapple can also be frozen for long-term storage. From pineapple salsa to grilled pineapple, the versitile tropical Elite Gold Pineapples are sure to become a favorite fruit for all who grow them.

Growing Zones


Elite Gold Pineapple Plants can tolerate many well drained soil types. They do not like wet feet, and a spot in the sun is more important than one in the richest soil. However, the soil for growing Elite Gold Pineapples should contain organic matter and some acidity. Common potting soil with perlite and peat moss is great for growing Elite Gold Pineapple Plants. You can use such a potting mix for growing Elite Gold Pineapples in containers, and for adding to the soil when growing in the ground.

Plant Elite Gold Pineapple Plants in three to seven gallon pots with drainage holes. Place potted Elite Gold Pineapples in full sun, or the brightest window available. You may use grow lights for ten hours per day if growing in a spot with little avaialable direct sunlight. One method for producing pineapple fruit in pots is to grow a new plant in a three gallon pot until it makes its first pineapple, then move the plant to a seven gallon container after harvesting. This will encourage the repotted plant to grow more plants and a new bloom as soon as possible. Suckers can be removed and potted in their own containers, or in the ground in Zones 9 to 11.


Can Pineapple tops be grown?

Yes, growing Pineapple Plants from the growing fruit top is fun and the plants will produce fruit. However, pineapple plants grown from a fruit top take much longer (up to 5 years) to produce a new bloom, while nursery-grown plants from sports can grow fruit in as little as one year.

How big do Elite Gold Pineapple Plants get?

Elite Gold Pineapple Plants grow to three feet tall and up to four feet wide.

Do Elite Gold Pineapple Plants need a pollinator?

Elite Gold Pineapple Plants are self-fertile, so one plant will grow fruit. Growing multiple Elite Gold Pineapple Plants will increase blooms and fruit production.

Is Pineapple good for you?

Fresh Pineapple contains vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other minerals that are thought to be part of a nutritious diet. The fruit does contain natural sugars, so those concerned with sugar levels should be mindful of pineapple contents, as with all sweet fruits.