Payment & Taxes

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa) as well as Paypal for payments on the website. also wants you to know that your online orders are secure. Our software ensures a secure environment for sensitive data. All orders are placed through a compatible Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) browser, which scrambles private data such as credit card numbers while they are being transmitted. The SSL ensures that unintended parties cannot intercept private information.

As the trees we are selling produce edible fruit there is no tax on them. The only products that require a sales tax are fertilizers, pots, and items that are not going to be growing in your backyard. These are only taxed in the state of Florida.

Cancellations and Returns

We want all Yarden customers to be happy just like our trees and plants so we have created the most customer-friendly refund and return policy. Nothing makes us happier than a legion of happy Yarden customers, and as such, we promise to do our very best to deliver an amazing product and customer experience & to make right any hiccups along the way. That said, here are some things you might want to know…

Due to the nature of the products we sell, we cannot accept returns for any reason other than for warranty replacements. We do not provide refunds for any orders that have shipped.

Damaged leaves or small branch breakage can be a normal part of the shipping process and does not affect the health of the plant. Just trim off any damaged leaves or stems and the tree will grow new leaves. If you receive a tree that has been damaged by the shipping carrier or arrives in poor condition, please save the packaging and contact us immediately at You must contact us within three days of the arrival of the damaged tree. We require photos of the entire tree and the container along with a photo of the box the tree was shipped in. Once we receive photos of the tree and box we will be happy to resolve your issue.

If the tree ships and you have put in the wrong address for delivery for this tree or the person refuses delivery, the trees will then be discarded by the carrier as the USDA will not allow returns to the nursery due to the possibility of diseases being brought into a clean environment. We will offer the customer the ability to replace the items at 50% off due to the mistake on the customer end. If this is the case we cannot offer a refund. However, if the correct address is put in with the order and it never arrives then we will refund the order minus the shipping and you will have the option to purchase a new tree.

If you have received one of our fruit trees within the last year and the tree has died, please email us at Please include a clear photo of the dead tree, as well as your original order information including your order number, purchaser’s name, current shipping address, and phone number. If you used a different email address in your order than the one you are contacting us from, then please also include the email used in your original order. Include a detailed description of any issues you had while caring for your tree, as well as what you think may have caused the tree to die. We may request more information to process your tree replacement. Customers requesting warranty replacements are responsible for the shipping cost of the replacements. Yellowing or falling leaves are not covered under the warranty. Leaf yellowing is a natural process that does not affect the health of the plant. Just prune any yellow or dried leaves and new leaves will grow to replace them. If you are seeking the warranty replacement of a tree we currently do not have in stock, you may wait for the exact tree to become available, or choose to replace your tree with a variety we do have in stock. Our Warranty does not cover Acts of God, such as damage caused by wind, storms, freezes, etc.

Yarden, under no circumstances, implies or expresses any warranty as to the fruit production of the trees or plants sold. Some trees or plants may produce no fruit or flowers due to customer growing practices, inadequate pollination, unsuitable soil, or variations in weather. We cannot guarantee that any tree sold on will arrive with blooms or fruit.


Once we have shipped your order, it will be updated in our system and you will automatically receive a tracking number by email. The shipment and tracking number will also be displayed in your account. You can track your order through your account, or by going to or and entering your tracking number. If you do not receive your order after one week of receiving your tracking number, please contact us immediately. We are only able to honor any warranty replacements or refunds, if you contact us immediately upon not receiving your order after one week past the date you received your tracking number. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or by creating a ticket in your customer account.

Winter And Holiday Shipping: We always make every effort possible to deliver your orders on time. However, there are some circumstances that are beyond our control. Such events include times when we are provided with incorrect shipping addresses or details, or issues with shipping services that are out of our control including foul weather, shipping vehicle accidents or mechanical failure, or other transportation issues. If the shipping area temperature lows are below 30 Degrees, we delay the shipment of your order until the temperatures rise, in order to ensure a sound product upon arrival.

Pricing and Promotions

The price on the website is the price for the product. If there is a promotion or discount it will be reflected in the website pricing. We can sometimes have technology errors, if you see an issue please feel free to send an email to to have one of our qualified customer service reps reach out to you to address your issue.

When purchasing a tree on the website you will be signed up for our promotional emails. These will be sent out when has price discounts and exclusive promotions. Promotions are not applied to already purchased items. Promotions and discounts are applied to purchases made during that period of time that the promotion is run.

There is a limit of one discount code per purchase.

Events Beyond Our Control

We do our best to provide you with healthy, vibrant, well-packed, and shipped living citrus trees and plants. However, since a plant is a living organism, there will always be circumstances that are out of our control that can diminish the growing ability of any tree or plant. Such events include (but are not limited to) extreme weather, wildlife, drought, insects, poor soil, inadequate drainage, overwatering, plants shipped beyond recommended USDA zones, or human damage. We do everything we can to help you obtain, grow, and maintain citrus successfully. Our guarantee is that each plant we ship is viable and ready to grow. Make sure if you are planting the citrus tree in the ground that it is on the proper growing zone. You the customer need to make sure that the citrus tree is properly cared for.  If the tree has been planted in the ground is USDA growing zones 8 or less or if the tree in a container is exposed to freezing temperatures will not replace the tree.

Together We Can Grow

We do our best to give you as much information as we can about your specific citrus tree, its growing needs, and the best approach for growing your tree in your particular USDA growing zone. Growing citrus outside of a recommended climate zone may be possible, but it takes considerable effort and attention on the part of the grower. Our growing zone recommendations are unable to account for every factor such as severe weather, high winds, flooding, or other such events. If you have questions about plant hardiness in your area, contact your local County Agricultural Extension Office. Pictures of our tree varieties typically show trees at maturity, so you can plan for your tree’s location and its eventual size. Mature trees pictured on are not the size or shape of what you will receive in your order. Younger trees are naturally smaller than mature trees in every way.


After the purchase of a product on we will send an email for a review. You are not required to submit a review but communication will be sent to request one. By purchasing a product you allow Yarden to send this review request.